Living Under the Law

Pastor Joe Schloegel – An exposition of Romans 2 & 3

– Is there any salvation to be found in the law? Are those who practice the law somehow better off than those who do not? How does the law fit into God’s divine Plan? These questions arise in the book of Romans, as do the answers given by the apostle Paul.

The Cup

Guest Speaker: Caleb Abernathy – An exposition of Matthew 26: 36-46 (including supplemental passages)

– On the night Christ was betrayed, He prayed in the garden of Gethsemane. There, Christ prayed with regard to the cup of God’s wrath which is to be poured out upon all sin, but which Christ Himself drank down to the dregs through His perfect, substitutionary sacrifice on the cross. Through this prayer, we see a beautiful picture of the heart of our Savior.

God’s Righteous Judgment

Pastor Joe Schloegel – An exposition of Romans 2:1-16 (including supplemental passages)

– God has many unchanging attributes. He is loving, forgiving, eternal, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, et al. What many often forget or overlook, however, is that God is also righteous and just. In the end, all will stand before His thrown to face His righteous judgment. In that moment, the question becomes: How will we be judged?

Rejecting the Revealed God

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Pastor Joe Schloegel – An exposition of Romans 1:18-32

– God has revealed Himself to humanity in a number of ways, such as through His revealed Word and also through general revelation present in creation. These revelations are the only way for us to know who He truly is and what He has done. Yet there are those who chose to reject Him, and that rejection bears consequences in their lives.