Have No Doubt

Missionary: Charles Jewell – An exposition of John 20:11-29

– HPBC’s Missionary to Central African Republic, Charles Jewell, presents an update on how God’s work is being done in CAR. Charles also delivers a sermon about how we should have no doubt in the LORD’s Plan, even when the circumstances seem impossibly stacked against us, with the Jewells’ missions work reflecting a real-life example.

The Crucifixion of the Old Man

Pastor Joe Schloegel – An exposition of Romans 6 (incl. supplemental passages)

– When a person is regenerated by the Gospel, that person’s “old self” (original Greek: “old man”) is put to death and crucified along with Christ. That person is then born again into new life with Christ through His resurrection. But if we are dead to sin and alive to God, do we keep on sinning? The implications of our life as the “new man” as opposed to the “old man” are expounded upon on Romans 6.

Access to God

Pastor Joe Schloegel – An exposition of Romans 5:1-11

– Through our salvation, we are reconciled to God. This means that we have direct access to His throne. With that in mind, what are the ramifications of this gift and in what manner are we to approach the throne of our Lord, especially during times of tribulation?

Faith Counted as Righteousness

Pastor Joe Schloegel – An exposition of Romans 4:1-8 (incl. supplemental passages)

– Abraham had faith that what was promised to him by God would be fulfilled, even though he never saw it during his lifetime. This faith was counted to Abraham as righteousness. But what, exactly, is faith? Is it dreaming big and having high hopes that God would answer all of our prayers, or is biblical faith something much more specific? The answer is the subject of this expositional sermon.

Apart from the Law

Pastor Joe Schloegel – An exposition of Romans 3:21-31 (incl. supplemental passages)

– In the early chapters of Romans, we learn that we are all sinners with no hope of saving ourselves. However, God doesn’t rely on us to save ourselves; He has done all of the work in our salvation, and it’s here, in Romans 3, that we see a vivid description of that saving work and it’s distinctness from the Law.