Is God Unjust?

Pastor Joe Schloegel – An exposition of Romans 9:19-10:9

– As we continue on through Paul’s epistle to the Romans, we find that the evangelist argues in favor of a number of doctrines which, while difficult at times, are integral to our faith. These include that of election, and salvation itself.

Who is Israel?

Pastor Joe Schloegel – An exposition of Romans 9:1-18

– There a many different theological perspectives surrounding who inherits the promises of God. Is it Israel or the church? Varying perspectives on this subject have shaped differing views on eschatology as well as dispensationalism. A close examination of Romans 9, however, gives us a biblical perspective on these subjects as God’s will in these matters is made known through the epistle.

The Kingdom is at Hand

Pastor Joe Schloegel – An exposition of Ezekiel 36:22-32 & Zechariah 14:1-5 (incl. supplemental passages)

– Before moving on to Chapter 9 in his ongoing expositional sermon series in the book of Romans, Pastor Joe Schloegel provides us with the necessary background for Romans 9 in Scripture. Specifically, we look to the Old Testament to get the proper context and understanding we need.

The Soundness of Our Salvation

Pastor Joe Schloegel – An exposition of Romans 8:29-35

– In this sermon, we return to Paul’s epistle to the Romans to further discuss the doctrine of election, along with the doctrine of the perseverance of the saints. Furthermore, we peer into the Scriptures to learn what the difference is between someone who believes, and someone who is saved.

Worship (Part 3 of 3)

Guest Speaker: Caleb Abernathy – A topical sermon

– In Part 3 of this three-week sermon series by HPBC’s music ministry leader, Caleb Abernathy, we are introduced to the subject of Worship. Through an examination of various Scriptures which pertain to this subject, we discover what Worship truly is and what it truly means verses what today’s culture has accommodated for it to mean. We are given the Biblical mandate for how to Worship properly, as well as a lesson on why Worship is such an important part of the Christian life. From all of the information present in Scripture with regard to the subject, we can extract 7 Key Pillars that comprise Biblical Worship and then apply them to how we Worship in our lives. This sermon covers Pillars 6 & 7.