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Due to a malfunction with our recording equipment, the audio from Sunday morning’s worship service failed to record. Unfortunately, this means that the January 26th, 2014 sermon cannot be posted on the SermonCast.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We hope to have the issue resolved by next week’s worship service. Thank you for showing interest in High Point Baptist Church’s pulpit ministry.

Five Defining Characteristics of a Church

Missionary: Charles Jewell – An exposition of Acts 2:41-47

– Stemming from his time spent as a Christian and a missionary in Central African Republic, Pastor Charlie Jewell walks us through an exposition of a chapter in Acts which involves the earliest days of the Church. Through this passage, we are presented with five biblical principles which should be present in any Church, whether in America or abroad. God’s Church cannot be without these characteristics presented in Acts.

Living the Life

Pastor Joe Schloegel – An exposition of Romans 12:14-18 (incl. supplemental passages)

– When we become Christians, the Bible tells us that we can expect to see a radical change in our life as we begin to bear good fruit for God. As for an example of what this change looks like, we are required to look to the Scriptures. The 12th Chapter of Romans gives us a look at the marks of Christianity in our lives.

The Right Look in 2014

Guest Speaker: Pastor Greg Davies – A topical sermon based on James 1:25 (incl. supplemental passages)

– Moving into a new year always results in resolutions and commitments to improve ourselves. However, Pastor Greg Davies challenges us to not look at how we can necessarily improve our worldly lives, but rather how we can improve our spiritual lives as we are instructed in James 1:25.