Let the Word Be Preached

Pastor Matt Tarr

– Scripture: Selected Scriptures

– Pulpit Sunday

– In today’s day and age, the mainstream church has made an increasing effort to do away with the pulpit and take emphasis off of preaching. However, God has commanded that His Word be proclaimed, and has ordained preaching as the method by which the flock of God is fed. To not preach is to starve the sheep. And on this day, as our church celebrates the inauguration of a brand new pulpit, the focus is entirely transfixed on the Word and preaching.

A Gospel-Filled Mourning

Pastor Matt Tarr

– Scripture: Mark 2:18-22

– When the Pharisees demanded to know of Christ why He and His disciples were not fasting in accordance with the Jewish tradition, they were answered with a declaration of Jesus’s deity, and a proclamation that He had come to establish a New Covenant over which the Old Covenant had no bearing. Jesus transcended man-made rules and traditions, and was offering a Kingdom which was not attained by following rules, but by faith alone in the One Who fulfilled the Law.

A Mockery of Grace

Pastor Matt Tarr

– Scripture: Mark 2:13-17

– God’s grace truly is a miraculous thing, especially considering our fallen, wretched state. Only God can forgive us, because it is against God Whom we rebel when we sin, and yet He does so without any requirement, only that we have faith. And yet, there are those who, being righteous in their own sight, would seek to mock this incomparable gift the Lord has given us through Christ.

The Authority to Forgive

Pastor Matt Tarr

– Scripture: Mark 2:1-12

– What is mankind’s greatest need? This sermon focuses primarily on this question. The world system has made every attempt to determine the answer through psychology and other means, but their conclusions are hardly biblical. As Christ heals the paralytic in the Gospel of Mark, we come to understand that humanity’s greatest need is not good health, success, or even self-esteem; it’s the forgiveness of sins. Mankind needs salvation. It is a need that only Christ can fulfill, because He is God. But the fix is one that draws nothing but the ire of worldly men.

[No Sermon]

The worship service for March 1st, 2015 was cancelled due to inclement weather, and there is therefore no sermon audio available. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for showing interest in High Point Baptist Church’s pulpit ministry.