The Unforgiveable Sin

Pastor Matt Tarr

– Scripture: Mark 3:20-35

– There is one sin mentioned in Scripture that is unforgiveable: Blaspheming the Holy Spirit. But what does it mean to commit this most grievous of sins? There are many differing viewpoints of what it actually means to blaspheme the Spirit, but many of them are wrong. Learning what this sin actually means, however, has an impact on the life of the believer as much as the unbeliever, as it all comes down to one question: Who is Christ?

– Add. Ref.: Proverbs 6:16-19

Comprehending an Incomprehensible God

Pastor Matt Tarr

– Scripture: Psalm 139

– God, in all His majesty, is incomprehensible. Though it is possible to know Him intimately, it is impossible to know fully the breadth and depth of His being, as He is so far beyond human reason and understanding is so many ways, yet none of them are more incredible than how a limitless, infinite God choses to concern Himself so deeply with each and every one of us.

Reversing the Decline

HPBC Elder: Greg Lynch

– Scripture: Selected Scriptures

– There’s no arguing that our nation is in a state of spiritual decline. However, with whom does the burden of blame lie? Is the government to blame, or does the nation’s decent into spiritual vapidness a result of the ever decreasing biblical behavior of the American “church”? It is the true church’s job to remain faithful in the face of such trends, and spiritual stands must then be made at the individual, church-wide, and societal levels.

God’s Providence: For His Name’s Sake

HPBC Elder: Paul Davies

– Scripture: Selected Scriptures

– No matter what the circumstances in one’s life, the Christian can rest assured that God is completely in control of all things at all times. Nothing happens outside of what he has ordained. This divine providence is present all throughout Scripture where the Lord’s will is perfectly executed, even during what appears on the surface to be inopportune circumstances.

Altogether Unusual

Pastor Matt Tarr

– Scripture: Mark 3:13-19

– When Christ calls together and appoints the twelve apostles, He does something miraculous. This is a highly unusual group of men that have no business being together, and even less business serving the Lord. However, in this act, Christ demonstrates His divine election which can be applied to the life of every believer throughout history whom God has called forth out of iniquity, creating a universal church of men and women who are in no way deserving, but are appointed nonetheless by God’s sovereignty.

– Add. Ref.: John 6:44; Romans 9: 10, 16, 20-21; Ezekiel 34:1-18