Desperately Deep Thinking

Pastor Matt Tarr – PM Sermon

Scripture: Psalm 39

At King David’s most desperate of moments, he comes to contemplate deep things about life and his position before God. David considered his own life to be nothing but a mere vapor. Instead of this reality, he looked forward to the true reality behind reality: that is, eternity. And so, David throws himself at the Lord’s feet and yields all to the mercy of God.

The Murder of the Greatest Prophet

Pastor Matt Tarr – AM Sermon

Scripture: Mark 6:14-29

Christ referred to John the Baptist, His own cousin, as the greatest man who ever lived, and also the greatest prophet. John’s ministry was one of calling the people to repentance, and this ran afoul of King Herod, whom John had personally rebuked on multiple occasions. Contrary to what might be expected of the greatest prophet, John’s story has no happy ending, but is serves as yet another reminder of how the world treats men of God.

Add. Ref.: Acts 7:51-52; Acts 4:12, 23-31

An Immeasurable Dissimilarity

Pastor Matt Tarr – PM Sermon

Scripture: Psalm 36

As David examines the glory and majesty of the Psalms, an immeasurable dissimilarity arises; namely, the vast chasm separating man and God. When compared to God’s holiness, man’s depravity becomes all the more apparent. How magnificent, then, that the Lord desires to know us.

Marks of a Genuine Apostle

Pastor Matt Tarr – AM Sermon

Scripture: Mark 6:7-13

When Christ sent His disciples out to sow the seeds of the Word, He gave them very specific orders. He also endowed them with miraculous gifts. But are the signs and wonders performed by the apostles prescriptive for the church today? As we examine this passage, we are benefited by considering the marks of a true apostle before we attempt to emulate their ministry.

A Path to Joy in Death

Pastor Matt Tarr – PM Sermon

Scripture: Psalm 16

David knew God was with him, and therefore he feared nothing, not even death. David knew that God sustained him in life and would deliver him in death, and he looked forward to the opportunity to spend eternity with his Lord. In the 16th Psalm, we see David’s outlook on death, one which Christians can do well to consider.

Add. Ref.: 2 Samuel 15:2-4; 1 Corinthians 15:18, 12, 20, 35-38, 42-44

Sent With a Purpose

Pastor Matt Tarr – AM Sermon

Scripture: Mark 6:6-13

As Christ’s ministry reached its peak, He commissioned and sent His apostles out to preach the Gospel, heal the sick, raise the dead, and cast out demons. They were sent with a purpose, and the manner of their sending also provides three principles which govern effective ministry even today.

Add. Ref.: Luke 22:35-36; Acts 13:13-52

Jaw-Dropping Unbelief

Pastor Matt Tarr

Scripture: Mark 6:1-6

“A prophet is not without honor, except in his hometown and among his relatives and in his own household.” These words from Christ when He is confronted by the striking level of unbelief found in the hearts and minds of those in his hometown of Nazareth are a commentary on mankind as a whole, as the unregenerate will do absolutely anything to suppress the Truth in their hearts. It is only God’s Word and the work of the Spirit that can change men’s hearts.

Add. Ref.: 1 Corinthians 1:22-23