Where is God in an Unjust World?

Guest Speaker: Dan Tarr – PM Sermon

Scripture: Habakkuk

As Habakkuk observed his own people rebelling against the Word of God, he is left to wonder why God doesn’t bring judgement and preserve righteousness. God responds that He is always at work, even when we can’t seem to see it. The “just must live by faith.”

Commissioned to Disciple

Guest Speaker: Pastor Jason Harris – PM Sermon

Scripture: Matthew 28:18-20

As Christ prepares His ascension to the Father all authority in heaven and earth is placed behind this final command: A call to fellowship with the Trinity in the work of making disciples of Jesus Christ.

The Unrighteous Made Righteous

Guest Speaker: Dr. Bill Arp – AM Sermon

Scripture: Romans 3:21-26

How can God be established as righteous when He is declaring unrighteous people righteous? This is a very important question, and one that is answered by a thorough examination of the Apostle Paul’s explanation of righteousness by way of faith.

A Reformed Resolution

Guest Speaker: Dan Tarr – AM Sermon

Scripture: Selected Scriptures

As we celebrate the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation this year, Dan Tarr encourages the church to make a renewed commitment to the same principal of sola scriptura. The Word of God alone is our authority.

A Mighty Fortress

Pastor Darren Wiebe – AM Sermon

Scripture: Psalm 46

When we are faced with trials, no matter how trivial, we must remember that the Lord is a solid rock and a place of refuge for those who turn to Him. Knowing then, that God will not allow us to be moved, what do we have to fear?

The Centrality of the Preached Word

Jim Zieger – AM Sermon

Scripture: Nehemiah 8:1-12

The preaching of the Word of God is the ultimate form of worship in the Church, and therefore it should be the center point of every ministry. From reading the book of Nehemiah, we can apply five qualities of preaching the Word that is desperately needed in churches today, where the vitality of preaching is often overlooked.

A Compassionate Jesus

Dan Tarr – PM Sermon

Scripture: Luke 5:12-16

Many things can be said be said about our savior and Luke 5:12-16 tells of a Jesus that looks on a leper with compassion. Jesus who is holy and perfect has a love for those that are outcast and lonely and we are to have that same compassion.

Add. Ref.: Mark 1:42-43

God Our Father

Tom Joyce – PM Sermon

Scripture: Selected Scriptures

While no one argues that God transcends gender, is it right to dismiss the many references to God as Father simply because it makes us uncomfortable or doesn’t fit out agenda?  In this sermon, we look at several passages that give us a glimpse of the One to whom we pray “Our Father.”

Eschatology: God’s View

Dan Tarr – PM Sermon

Scripture: Selected Scriptures

Believe it or not, studying Eschatology in Scripture can be clear to those that study scripture accurately. Not only is it good for us to read it, but we are commanded to study it and it can bring joy and peace to our lives.